Beneath the Surface: Otter Rock Marine Reserve

Dive beneath the surface at Otter Rock Marine Reserve and get a glimpse of rockfish, a harbor seal, an octopus and more. Located off of Oregon’s central coast, Otter Rock Marine Reserve is the smallest of the five reserves. This scientific training ground provides local researchers with the perfect spot to try out new approaches.

Juvenile Fish Surveys

Underwater video of scientists collecting juvenile fish samples in Oregon’s marine reserve sites, to study juvenile fish recruitment. The study is led by scientists from Oregon State University, in collaboration with the ODFW Marine Reserves Program.

Sea Star Wasting Syndrome

Sea star wasting syndrome is a mysterious disease that has had a large effect on many sea star species along the west coast of the United States. This disease causes lesions and decaying of the sea star body, ultimately resulting in death. Read more to hear research the Marine Reserves program is doing to better understand disease. Read More

Scientific Divers to Survey Otter Rock Marine Reserve

Volunteer scientific divers are practicing their survey skills in Otter Rock Marine Reserve this week. Scientific divers play a integral role in conducting ecological research in Oregon’s Marine Reserves. We use diver based underwater visual census methods to identify and count macroalgal, invertebrate, and fish communities. Read More