2022 Synthesis Report

Here is the 2022 Marine Reserves Synthesis Report as well as appendix reports for both Ecological and Human Dimensions research.

Ecological Monitoring

Monitoring Plans, Reports & Publications

This is a Master List of ecological monitoring plans and workshops, reports, journal publications and science posters produced by ODFW. It includes links to each document listed.

Fish On! Hook-and-Line Survey Newsletter
2017 Fish On Hook and Line Volunteer Newsletter

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Infographics & Leaflets: Ecological Monitoring
2022 Synthesis Report ‘One-Pager’ Summaries
Redfish Rocks
Otter Rock
Cascade Head
Cape Perpetua
Cape Falcon


Shiny Data Dashboard

Explore preliminary trends in the Marine Reserve Program’s data across our core tools.

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Human Dimensions Research

Infographics: Human Dimensions Research

Explore some initial findings from research conducted by ODFW and our partners

Coastal Resident Perspectives

Fishermen Perspectives

Building & Maintaining Relationships

Information, Perceptions & Communication
Reports & Publications

This is a Master List of human dimensions research reports and publications produced by ODFW and research partners, organized by research category. It includes links to each report and publication listed.

Background Materials


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Outreach Materials

Are you looking to develop marine reserves outreach products?

If so, please check out our Outreach Guide with tips on how to ensure maps and rules are accurate and consistent with outreach products statewide.

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Policy & Management

Infographics: Program Highlights

Check out research and program highlights by year







Policy and Rules Documents

Management Documents


Program Work Plans & Reviews


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Applications for Contracts

We currently do not have any RFPs out.


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Our Monthly e-Newsletter

Our monthly “Marine Reserves News” eNewsletter is a great way to keep tabs on current research, find out about reports and upcoming events, dive into interesting ocean topics, and hear perspectives from scientists, fishermen, volunteers and community members. We always feature photos or videos from our work.

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11/27/2023    Oregon Featured in B.C.’s Best Practices Guide

06/30/2023    Business Study, SCUBA Surveys, Future of Marine Reserves News

05/30/2023   Ocean Oxygen Secrets Unlocked and Orca Encounters

04/27/2023   Celebratory Summit, Research Updates, and Community Outreach

03/30/2023   Ocean Acidification Study, Field Season Preparation, and Outreach

02/27/2023   2023 Program Evaluation, Staff Changes, and New Scientific Paper

01/31/2023   Survey Highlights and Outreach Updates

12/22/2022   New Program Leader and 2022 Highlights!

11/30/2022   Sharing 10 Years of Research with the Public

10/31/2022   Student Research, ROV Surveys, and Retirement

09/29/2022   What We’ve Learned at Cape Falcon After 6 Years

08/25/2022   What We’ve Learned at Cape Perpetua After 8 Years

07/28/2022   2022 Ecological Monitoring Reports Now Available Online

06/30/2022   What We’ve Learned at Cascade Head  After 8 Years

05/26/2022   What We’ve Learned at Otter Rock After 10 Years

04/28/2022   What We’ve Learned at Redfish Rocks After 10 Years

03/31/2022   New Research Publications and Reports

02/24/2022   Synthesis Report (2009-2021)

10/28/2021   How Recreational Anglers Have Been Affected, Underwater Tour

09/30/2021   How Oregon’s Reserves Were Established and Visitor Survey Findings

08/26/2021   One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue … Lingcod?

07/29/2021   A Killer Whale Surprise and Reports from the Field

05/27/2021   What Does Scientific Diving Take, New Research at Redfish Rocks

04/29/2021   Have Marine Reserves Impacted Daily Fishing License Sales?

03/25/2021   Red Irish Lords, Fieldwork Updates, and Upcoming Seminar

02/25/2021   Oregonians Love the Coast (results from recent research)

01/28/2021   10 Years of FishOn! and Draft Cape Falcon Management Plan

12/17/2020   2020 Highlights – Infographic, Top Stories and Videos

11/20/2020   New Data App Lets You Explore Monitoring Data

10/29/2020   A Splash of Video Lander Data, Field Updates, Webinar Series

09/24/2020   Poachers Caught Setting Stolen Pots, Exploring ROV Data, Video

08/27/2020   Redfish Rocks Video, A Dip Into Oceanographic Data, A New Report

07/30/2020   Exploring Intertidal Data, A Podcast Plunge Underwater

06/25/2020   Diving into Hook-and-Line Data, What Do Coastal Visitors Know

05/28/2020   Diving Into SCUBA Data, Photo Contest, #MeditationMonday

04/30/2020   Volunteer Fish Tales, Human Dimensions Research, and a Video Tour

03/26/2020   Seabirds, Volunteer Stories, A Short Film, and New Reports

02/20/2020   A Charter Captain Returns to the Reserves


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