Our Partners

Our partners provide advice and expertise as well as additional staff and funding. They include agencies, academia, non-government organizations, the fishing industry, local community groups, and volunteers. These partners help us expand marine reserves monitoring, research, outreach, and community engagement. Meet some of our partners …

Management Agencies   ♦   Ecological Monitoring
Human Dimensions Research   ♦   Outreach & Community Engagement

Management Agencies

Several state agencies share management responsibilities with ODFW for Oregon’s marine reserves.

Oregon State Parks logo

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) – Regulates shoreline activities, including removal of natural products and other activities requiring an ocean shore permit. Provides interpretative and educational opportunities to enhance recreational experiences.

Oregon Department of State Lands logo

Department of State Lands (DSL) – Regulates submerged and submersible land uses that require state authorization or a removal-fill permit, including harvest of subtidal kelp and the siting of ocean renewable energy projects and submarine cables.

Oregon State Police logo

Oregon State Police (OSP) Fish & Wildlife Division – Provides enforcement of regulations associated with each site. Provides information and education in support of voluntary compliance.

Department of Land Conservation and Development logo

Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) – Administers Oregon’s land use planning program. Works in partnership with local governments, state and federal agencies and stakeholders to ensure that coastal and ocean resources are managed, conserved and developed consistent with Oregon’s coastal program authorities. Administers the Oregon Territorial Sea Plan, which provides the legal and regulatory framework for management of the Territorial Sea. Provides staff support for the Ocean Policy Advisory Council.

Ecological Monitoring

Through partnerships we are able to expand the ecological research and monitoring being conducted in Oregon’s marine reserves. These partnerships and collaborations build-on or compliment our Program’s core monitoring efforts. These are studies that help us learn more about marine reserve protections and Oregon’s nearshore ocean environment. We are excited to be currently working with the following institutions and programs.

Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans

Human Dimensions Research

Our Program’s research draws upon a variety of social science disciplines including economics, sociology, anthropology, and psychology. We are tapping into the expertise of social scientists at universities and in the private sector in order to conduct this research. We are delighted to be currently working in collaboration with the following institutions and programs.

Oregon State University
Portland State University
University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment

Outreach & Community Engagement

Interested in learning more about Oregon’s marine reserves or participating in a marine reserve activity? Our partners are a great resource for getting connected.

Find fun events, outreach and educational materials, or engage in community science projects through local marine reserve community groups such as the Redfish Rocks Community Team, North Coast Land Conservancy, and the Cape Perpetua Collaborative.

Keep tabs on upcoming local events by visiting the Oregon Marine Reserves Partnership Facebook page.

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