Top 3 Stories of 2019

Urchins devouring kelp off the southern Oregon coast was the top News post on our website this year. Take a look at a few of the other top stories from 2019:

  1. A Prickly Problem with Sea Urchins
    Sea urchins on the southern Oregon coast made national news due to an unprecedented perfect storm of events that has caused kelp bed decline. Long-term monitoring, such as research conducted in Marine Reserves, has helped shed light on this issue. Check out the video here.
  2. Eyes in the Sky: Aerial Enforcement 
    A behind-the-scenes peek at aerial patrols of marine reserves. Patrol flights are one of several ways Oregon State Police enforce these areas, along with boat patrols, shoreside surveillance and proactive education.
  3. When Waters Collide
    When ocean water masses converge, it is sometimes visible from the surface.  Cloudy, green water in the nearshore contrasts sharply with deep blue water in the offshore. And, sometimes drifting creatures get caught up in this underwater ‘wall’ of turbulence.