Rise of the Jellyfish

Like nettle plants on land, Pacific sea nettles can leave a similar sting. Recently, ODFW habitat researchers ran into swarms of them while doing acoustic surveys south of the Cascade Head Marine Reserve. Check out the video.

Strange Creatures Cast Ashore: Pyrosomes

In past years pyrosomes were rare finds on Oregon beaches. But in the winter of 2016 – 2017 they became as common as kelp in driftlines and in the spring they washed up in astounding numbers, awing beachcombers and spurring scientists to study why these creatures were appearing in unprecedented swarms.


Ever wondered what actually happens to the ocean when upwelling occurs? This ODFW research footage caught some of the action and this video explains a bit of the oceanographic processes behind it.

Beneath the Surface: Otter Rock Marine Reserve

Dive beneath the surface at Otter Rock Marine Reserve and get a glimpse of rockfish, a harbor seal, an octopus and more. Located off of Oregon’s central coast, Otter Rock Marine Reserve is the smallest of the five reserves. This scientific training ground provides local researchers with the perfect spot to try out new approaches.

Juvenile Fish Surveys

Underwater video of scientists collecting juvenile fish samples in Oregon’s marine reserve sites, to study juvenile fish recruitment. The study is led by scientists from Oregon State University, in collaboration with the ODFW Marine Reserves Program.