Have Marine Reserves Impacted Daily Fishing License Sales?

Each year thousands of people pack up their gear, set their out-of-office email response to a fishing emoji, and head to the Oregon coast. Some fishers may have found their usual fishing spot closed after marine reserve implementation. These fishers could change their behavior. To find out if fishing behavior has changed after marine reserve implementation, we looked at ODFW’s sales of daily fishing licenses. Read More

Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve

Explore beneath the surface of the ocean in the Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve, located off the central Oregon coast. See underwater video footage taken with ODFW’s Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). Swim along with schools of fish, find an octopus hiding in a rocky crevice, and see white plumose sea anemones swaying in the current.

New Report: Qualitative Evaluation of Impacts on Fishers

This project is designed to capture the lived experience of commercial and charter fishers who are directly impacted by marine reserves. We were particularly interested in the economic, social, and cultural impacts of the marine reserves, including whether or not fishers were shifting their efforts to other species or locations following reserve implementation. Read More