Reports from the Field – June

Updates from the ODFW Marine Reserves Program

This month our volunteer anglers helped us complete three days of our spring hook-and-line surveys at Cape Falcon. Our final day of spring sampling will be completed in early June.


Our volunteer scientific SCUBA divers worked hard this month to complete 115 SCUBA transects and 23 lander video drops for the Otter Rock site.

Ocean mooring icon


Oceanographic equipment was set out to collect information on temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen in Cape Falcon. We will be continuing to collect these data through the summer months.


ARMs IconOur volunteer scientific SCUBA divers set out Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures (ARMS) at the Otter Rock site to help us learn more about biodiversity. To learn more about ARMS see our news post from last month.


Longline surveys are underway at Redfish Rocks with three days of surveys completed and three additional days planned for June.

Updates from Our Collaborators

We continued juvenile fish recruitment surveys at Otter Rock and Redfish Rocks this month. These surveys are led by OSU, in collaboration with the ODFW Marine Reserves Program and the Oregon Coast Aquarium. We’ll be continuing these surveys, collecting samples from our SMURFs every two weeks, through the summer months.


pH sensors were set out in rocky intertidal areas at Redfish Rocks, Cape Perpetua, Otter Rock, Cascade Head, and Cape Falcon. This project is led by PISCO scientists from OSU, with assistance from local community members. The pH sensors will stay out in the intertidal through the summer months.