Fish On! Hook-and-Line Newsletter

The 2016 hook-and-line surveys were a great success. We collected data from 2,855 fish during 18 fishing trips in the spring and fall of 2016. This was the 4th year of surveys at Cascade Head, the 3rd year at Cape Perpetua, and the 2nd year of longlining at Redfish Rocks.

Check out our 2016 Fish On! Hook-and-Line Newsletter for more information about the species caught in this year’s surveys, plus our comparison of two different gear types that produced very different results.

A big thank you to our volunteers, captains, and crews for helping make the 2016 surveys a success!

We want to thank all our volunteer anglers who helped in this year’s surveys especially those who remained flexible when surveys were postponed due to weather. Also, many thanks to our scientific assistants who volunteered their time. To charter captains and crews from the F/Vs Samson, Misty, and Top Gun – we appreciate your hard work and collaboration. Thank you all and stay tuned for next year’s surveys at Cape Falcon and Redfish Rocks!