The Marine Reserves SCUBA Survey Team covered a large section of the coast this year. Hundreds of surveys were conducted in the Cape Falcon, Cascade Head, and Otter Rock Reserves, combined. These underwater surveys collect data on fishes, kelps, invertebrates, and habitats in depths up to 65 feet inside and near the Marine Reserves. The Read More

Sea Anenomes: Deadly Beauties

The sea anemones that paint Pacific Northwest tidepools with color look like tranquil flowers but are, in fact, predatory animals. They are cousins of jellyfish, coral, and siphonophores like the Portuguese man o’ war. Read More

Rise of the Jellyfish

Like nettle plants on land, these Pacific sea nettles can leave a similar sting. Recently, ODFW habitat researchers ran into swarms of these guys while doing acoustic marine habitat surveys just south of Cascade Head Marine Reserve (see the video below). Over the last month, marine reserves researchers have seen sea nettles during SCUBA dive and Read More