2022 FishOn! Hook-and-Line Newsletter

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Another successful year of hook-and-line surveys is completed, which means another edition of our annual FishOn! Hook-and-Line Newsletter is now out. This past year we caught and sampled 1,312 fishes, representing 18 different species – including a variety of rockfishes, greenlings, and sculpins – at Cape Perpetua and Cascade Head. Check out the Fish On! Newsletter to see survey highlights, data, photos, and more from 2022.

An interesting highlight from hook-and-line surveys focused on the Brown Rockfish (Sebastes auriculatus), a rockfish species not commonly caught in Oregon. Brown Rockfish were almost exclusively found at Cape Perpetua during both hook-and-line and ROV surveys, and there was an increase in catch rates of this species in 2022 compared to previous years!