Outreach and Engagement Updates – March

Outreach events are in full swing as our communications team has grown. Marine Reserves staff have been giving presentations to coastal communities with takeaways from the 10-year synthesis report. Learn more about outreach events in March below!

Lincoln City:
Audubon Society of Lincoln City presents “A Deeper Dive into Oregon’s Marine Reserves” on Wednesday, March 15th where Program Leader Lindsay Aylesworth presented some of the successes and challenges of the first decade of the Marine Reserves Program.

Port Orford:
Marine Reserves Program staff hosted a “Deeper Dive into Oregon’s Marine Reserves” community outreach event in collaboration with the Redfish Rocks Community Team in Port Orford on March 20th.

Marine Reserves staff attended the American Fisheries Society 2023 Conference in Eugene and presented on program findings, updates, and future research.

More outreach events are coming in April! Check out our Instagram page for updates on upcoming outreach events near you.