Reports from the Field – October

Photo: ODFW staff, charter boat captain and deckhand, and volunteers celebrate the successful conclusion of the 2022 hook-and-line survey season.

Over the last month we’ve been busy finishing up our fall survey work:

Cascade Head: We wrapped-up our hook-and-line surveys at the Cascade Head Marine Reserve and surrounding comparison areas to track changes in fish species, abundance and size for this year. We enjoyed working with a new captain and surprisingly calm seas.

Otter Rock & Cascade Head: At Otter Rock Marine Reserve and Depoe Bay area, we collaborated with the ODFW Habitat Program to deploy a small ROV to focus on sea urchins, sea stars, and kelp beds. The ROV was also deployed as part of long term monitoring at Cascade Head Marine Reserve as well as several comparison areas to the south. 

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who helped with our hook-and-line surveys this fall! We could not have completed all of this valuable research without the strong support from volunteer anglers, biological assistants, and the skilled captains and deckhands. There were so many fun and exciting moments shared this season- we can’t wait to do it all again this next spring!