Reports from the Field – May

Photo: ODFW deploys a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) off the F/V Timmy Boy near the Cascade Head Marine Reserve.

This month staff and equipment splashed onto the water with the kick-off of field season at three sites:

Oceanography surveys

Cape Falcon: We deployed oceanographic moorings at Cape Falcon and Cape Meares partnering with the F/V Lady Lee out of Garibaldi. These moorings will gather data on temperature and oxygen.

Cascade Head: The first day of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) monitoring at Cascade Head took place with the support of the F/V Timmy Boy. The ROV surveys target deep reef areas gathering valuable data on habitat, fish, and invertebrate communities.

Oceanography surveys

Cape Perpetua: Collaborators at OSU deployed oceanographic moorings at Cape Perpetua gathering data on temperature, salinity, oxygen, fluorescence, pH and current speed.