“Sense of Place” a Short Film by OSU-MSI Filmmaking Intern

This past summer, Amir Ahmad was a Marine Studies Initiative (MSI) Science Filmmaking intern. He collaborated with the ODFW Marine Reserves Program to produce a short film titled, “Sense of Place” highlighting some of the volunteers assisting in the scientific monitoring of Oregon’s marine reserves. This 5 minute film explores some of the different ways that these volunteers identify with and are connected to the ocean and why they volunteer. We invite you to hear their stories and watch the video.

About the Filmmaker
Amir Ahmad is a senior at Oregon State University, majoring in the BioResource Research (BRR) program and specializing in sustainable ecosystems. Coming from Malaysia, a biologically diverse country in Southeast Asia, he is determined to learn about solutions to tackling the environmental problems happening in his country. With a strong determination to create better conditions, Amir combines his passion for filmmaking and conservation science as one of the ways he is contributing to solutions.