Reports from the Field – October

Updates from the ODFW Marine Reserves Program

Here’s the fieldwork we’ve been up to this past month:

We completed 3 days of hook and line surveys at Cape Falcon, including tagging over 40 fish in the reserve. Tagging fish helps us learn about fish movement, growth and post-release survival. We also collected Black Rockfish from outside the reserve for an ongoing OSU project studying microplastics in fish.

We completed 24 lander drops at Redfish Rocks and 5 lander drops at Otter Rock.



We completed 14 SCUBA surveys at Redfish Rocks. We also collected some samples of algae at Otter Rock as part of an algal research project being conducted by Dr. Gayle Hansen.



Ocean mooring icon

We retrieved our oceanographic equipment at Cascade Head and oceanographic sensors from Cape Falcon.


Updates from Our Collaborators

All juvenile fish surveys at Redfish Rocks and Otter Rock have been wrapped up for the year and all SMURF equipment has been retrieved out of the water.