The Marine Reserves SCUBA Survey Team covered a large section of the coast this year. Hundreds of surveys were conducted in the Cape Falcon, Cascade Head, and Otter Rock Reserves, combined. These underwater surveys collect data on fishes, kelps, invertebrates, and habitats in depths up to 65 feet inside and near the Marine Reserves. The Read More

Landing on the Seafloor: Piloting a New Camera System

Video surveys offer a cost-effective, non-extractive means for collecting valuable data on fish and habitats. Like all scientific research tools, there are questions about potential biases. Results from a video lander pilot study conducted by the ODFW Marine Reserve Program looks into these questions and has some surprising results. Read More

Diving Into Our Living Laboratories

A team of wetsuit-clad divers sit on the edge of a boat adjusting their masks before splashing into the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. These divers belong to a specialized scientific research team–and the marine reserves are their living laboratories. Read More